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Counter Corruption Unit (CCU) – Wiltshire Police

Abuse of Position for a Sexual Purpose (APSP)

Policing is in the spotlight more than ever due to the horrific examples of sexual violence, domestic abuse, violent crime and sexual misconduct by serving police officers and staff within organisations and with the public.

Whilst the Met Police carry the majority of national headlines, these examples are sadly replicated throughout UK policing including Wiltshire Police. Wiltshire Police are committed to root this out wherever we find it within our CCU.

Abuse of position for a sexual purpose (APSP): “Any behaviour by a police officer or a police staff member, whether on or off duty, that takes advantage of their position as a member of the police service to misuse their position, authority or powers in order to pursue a sexual or improper emotional relationship with any member of the public”.

CCU are able to cite real life examples within Wiltshire in recent times whereby partnership intelligence has been the key to unlock corruption resulting in officers/staff being dismissed.

It is really important than you and your teams share anything you feel relevant to the CCU about our staff.

Why it matters

In the last 12 months, the CCU has received 25 pieces of intelligence (information) from partner agencies about our officers and staff. In reality, given policing comes into contact with partner agencies in various forms hundreds of times a day, this is really low.

Think APSP: Be Professionally Curious! Some examples may be:

  • The pupil at school who talks about the police officer who comes around every week to see mum.
  • The male/female who refers to “My Police Officer X who I always contact day or night”.
  • The abuse victim who mentions the flirty police officer.

What will CCU do?

We will always look to corroborate/parallel source information that comes into us to if needed to protect the person/anonymous supplier of information so it is not ‘just them or just that’.

Any information is key in building jigsaws, let us assess it.

What should you do? Please email Wiltshire Police directly: ccu@wiltshire.police.uk with any information you have or you can report online at Police corruption | Wiltshire Police. You can also report via Crimestoppers via an anonymous online form or by ringing 0800 555 111


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