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The South West: No Place for Drugs

Information and intelligence from our communities is key and, if you report your concerns, action will be taken.

Help us keep the South West clear of drugs by spotting the signs of this activity and reporting it to our charity, 100% anonymously - guaranteed.

Criminals recruit children and vulnerable adults through promises of friendship, money, drugs, clothes, and food, in return for them couriering illegal drugs and money across our cities, towns and villages. 

Sadly, these relationships soon turn violent, with victims being robbed, intimidated, threatened or injured. This activity also has huge impacts on the local community.

We can all play a part in looking out for and reporting signs of drugs activity in our neighbourhoods across the South West.

The message is clear: the South West is No Place For Drugs.

For more information, visit: The South West: No Place For Drugs | Crimestoppers (crimestoppers-uk.org)


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