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Transitional Safeguarding

Supporting our young people from adolescence to adulthood

What do we mean by Transitional Safeguarding?

Transitional Safeguarding is recognition of the journey from adolescence to adulthood and the specific needs that young people (aged 11 – 25) have at this time in their lives. It is described by Research in Practice as “an approach to safeguarding adolescents and young adults fluidly across developmental stages which builds on best evidence, learns from both children’s and adult safeguarding practice and which prepares young people for their adult lives”.

How is it different to what is currently out there?

Transitional Safeguarding is a new concept and emerging practice. Over the last five years research into supporting young people who are moving through and beyond services has been taking place. Wiltshire is at the forefront of this research with a pilot project and ‘proof of concept’ approach designed to change the way we work with young people who may be involved in or at risk of exploitation and/or county lines, or those who may be living chaotic lives which may include a high level of risk or concern and are in need of ongoing support beyond their 18th birthday. Transitional Safeguarding recognises that children don’t automatically transform in to adults overnight and that harm does not stop at 18. Our work is focused on the whole system and its collection of agencies, exploring how we can work together to best meet needs irrespective of age and prevent the ‘cliff edges’ that result in fragmented support and poor outcomes.

Will it affect what happens to a young person?

During the pilot period we have been working with a defined group of young people to understand their individual journeys. The impact of the pilot on these young people through partnership working and some direct intervention is being observed. In some cases we have seen positive outcomes and changes to the young person’s journey.

What is happening in the pilot?

Alongside continued data analysis and monitoring, the pilot has developed two new mechanisms, the Creative Solutions Board and Consultation Forums as well as a mentoring scheme which is offered to young people who are experiencing difficulties in their transition from adolescence to adulthood. In addition, practitioners are offered the opportunity to take part in development sessions which offer further insight into key areas of practice and legislation affecting young people and their journeys.

What will be the next steps after the pilot has finished?

The Families And Children Transformation partnership will consider the ways in which the pilot and the proof of concept work has enabled innovation and change in practice and culture across teams and organisations in Wiltshire with the aim of recommending the next steps in the Transitional Safeguarding agenda.

Further information about Transitional Safeguarding including the Creative Solutions Board can be found under the 'Transitional Safeguarding' heading on the Policies, Reports, Guidance and Resources page of the Resource Hub. If you’d like to make contact with the project please email transitionalsafeguarding@wiltshire.gov.uk

Transitional safeguarding - breaking new ground in Wiltshire